User Guide

Plugin installation

To install the server plug-in, download the Telegram for Jira Service Management jar file.

Go to the "Application Settings" section.

Next, select "Download application" and choose the previously downloaded jar file.

Upon installation, the system will automatically create an additional menu in the OTHER section Manage app:

  1. Telegram Bot User Mapping

  2. Telegram Bot Restart

  3. Telegram Bot Settings


In this section, you need to add your Telegram token, which you can get in Telegram BotFather - @BotFather.

Also, your need to specify the username of a user with full admin rights to work with AD attribute sync and check the user Phone between Telegram, Jira, AD.

The last setting is the AD user property, with which the user's phone number will be compared in the Telegram.
With a new request from the telegram, it will automatically check "is there a user in the AD who has the same number in this attribute" and if so, then automatically give access to the creation of requests. If no, then the user gets into the table for manual mapping.

To Start

To use the plugin, it is necessary that the customer has access to SD projects with customer role.
Also, to manage available request type in Telegram, go to Jira Service Management project settings to the Telegram Bot User Mapping section.



If your Jira Service Management is located in the DMZ, then you need to open ports and configure SSL certificates. In order to check if the connection is working, you can use Restart. This button will re-create all connections if the telegram bot is frozen

Customer Side

When the bot is connected, the customer in telegram can go to the application, find the bot by its name, and send a request for connection. When the admin confirms it, the customer will be able to create applications for those projects to which he has access.