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Task Order Log tab shows such information, like "Description" ("Add new rule"/"Remove rule"), "User" (who add or remove rule), "Rule" (the rule what was added or removed), "Date" (the date of rule manipulation), "Id" (the Id of an operation). All fields have a sorting possibility. Log has pagination. The maximum value of records on the one page == 10. Any action with the rule displayed in the Log.

Rel2 Version 1.1.

Task Order Clone

A new version of a plugin supports the rules cloning feature. The main idea of the function it`s a possibility to clone already created rules and connections. For example, some project contains parallel and serial tasks and a user needed to create the same type of rules with the same information and the same connections again. Instead of creating everything from scratch, the user can use the Task Order Clone function. The user should choose the needed rules (tic checkboxes)  and click "Clone" button.

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That`s all, new rules have been created.

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The important thing:

  • cloning rules created new issues with the same name, label, priority, and assignee, what the father's issues have;
  • cloning rules do not contain attachments, watchers, comments, and subtasks from father`s issues;
  • information about rules creation displayed on the "Task Order Log" page
  • rules from different projects have the same behavior

Task Order Log (changes)

A new version of a plugin has some UI and functional changes.

  • First of all, it`s a date range. Now a user can choose "Date from" and "Date to" values and get information by the chosen range.
  • Arise the opportunity to see more than 10 log rows on the page. The user can choose 10, 50 or 100 counts.
  • Search field under the date range search information by all log table. A user can input any value (date, time, rule id other stuff) and will see search information.
  • UI of the main table also was changed

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